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Visas, Tours

Baikal stories

900 rub

                                                           Baikal stories
   In the tour, you will meet powerful Baikal Lake, listen to wonderful legends about Baikal and visit ancient Goryachinsk resort. Our guests have the chance to know Baikal in one day tour “Baikal Stories”.
Place of visit: Lake Baikal, Turka village, Gorychinsk village (distance about 170 km)
Time of visit: All year round
Duration: 8 hours

                                                          Tour programme
Group gathering in the Hotel Hall.
Departure to Turka village in the morning.
On the way stop in Pykhta in the sacred place “Oboo”, arrival to Baturino village, visiting Sretenskii Women Monastery (optional, additional payment, previous reservation).
Arrival to Turka village. Visiting Special recreational area “Baikalskaya Gavan”. Walking on the embankment and boat pier. Rising to the lighthouse (optional, additional payment). The guide will tell interesting legends about Baikal.
Lunch in the road café in Turka village by their own.
Visiting natural monument Turtle rock. Legend about the brave turtle. Walking on the Baikal shore. Making photos.
Departure to Goryachinsk village. Visiting the hot spring in Goryachinsk resort.
Departure to Ulan-Ude to the hotel.

The cost of the excursion per person, ₽:

 Number of tourists   


















Price includes:
• transportation;
• english guide service.
Price does not include:
• entrance ticket to Sretenskii Women monastery, visiting the lighthouse;
• lunch in the road cafe.

   The cost of the trip without a guide:
- up to 5 person - 7000 ₽
- 6-10 person - 10000 ₽

Tour “Steppe Nomad, Atsagat”

1900 rub

   If you want to know national character of Buryats, formed during many centuries you should visit traditional Buryat village Atsagat. Funny rituals, melodic songs, exciting national games and dances, tasting national dishes, master classes, archery, riding horse, meeting camel wait you in the ethnic complex “Steppe Nomad”.
Place of visiting: Atsagat village, 50 km far from Ulan-Ude city
Time of visit: all year round
Duration: 5 hours

                                                          Tour programme
In any time you will start the tour to Atsagat with english guide .
Guests meet local guide near the entrance to Atsagat Datsan. Excursion in the Datsan with Guide, private meeting with Lama, knowing Buddhist traditions.
Lunch in the café of “Steppe Nomad” (national dishes). Moving to the “Steppe Nomad” complex.
The guests are met with traditional “Ugtamzha” ritual with Khadak, a symbol of buryat hospitality and with white food, a symbol of wealth and clean mind. The guests listen to the melodic song and inviting words.
Excursion in the tourist complex: visiting Galactic yurt, knowing buryat legends about universe and stars. Knowing the buryat traditions and household in ancient yurt and the buryat house of 19th century. Making photos in the Buryat national costume. Master class at playing traditional “Shagai” (al’chiki) game and traditional dance named “Yokhor”. Rest time at the nature. You have the chance to raise to the Loving Hill and enjoy Atsagat valley view.
Departure to Ulan-Ude.

Price for one tourist, ₽:

  Number of tourists        18     15       10     6    5    4      3      2     1
  Price  1600   1900  
 2300   2950  
 3500   3900  
  4250   5400   9750 

The price includes:
• Transportation cost Ulan-Ude - Atsagat - Ulan-Ude
• Excursion to Atsagat Datsan and Agvan Dorzhiev’s Museum
• English guide service for the excursion
• Meeting ritual with Khadak and white food
• Visiting Galactic yurt
• Visiting traditional buryat house, knowing traditions and household of buryats
• Master class at “Shagai” game
• Master class at Yokhor dance
• Lunch - traditional buryat dishes

The price does not include:
   Guide from Ulan-Ude, personal tourists expenses, optional ritual "Wonderful Courtship”, personal astrological prognosis made by Lama in Atsagat Datsan

How to reach the ethnocomplex "Steppe Nomad":
 1.By public transportation: 
Departure from Melkombinat bus station
bus № 490. "Ulan-Ude" - "Unegetei", departure time  13:00, 18:00. 
Ticket price 105
Departure from the bus station Sovetskaya str, 1
Bus № 200/220, departure time 8:00, 9:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:45, 13:00, 13:30, 14:10, 15:20, 15:30, 16:30, 17:00, 18:00. 
Ticket price 100-150

Stop at the cafe "Steppe Nomad" 
   2. By car or by bus.
To order: +7 9834 208-609
, info@jassotour.ru

Tour to Ivolginsky datsan

from 400 rub

Place of visiting: Ivoginsky Datsan, 35 km from Ulan-Ude city

Time of visit: all year round

Duration: 3 hours

Tour programme

   Meeting with guide in the hotel hall and departure to Ivolginsky Datsan, 35 km from Ulan-Ude city 40-50 minutes for the way.In Ivolginsk Valley near the foot of Khamar Daban range there are Buddhist Dugans, sacred stupas,  this is the territory of pacification and powerful energetic point.

    Beautiful and bright architecture of Buddhist temples, combining Tibet, Chinese and Mongol styles.

   The excursion starts at the entrance of the Datsan and follows the Sun circle (left to the right). The guide will tell the story of Datsan foundation, about rituals and traditions, about stle of life in Datsans and about main Gods which Buryats worship.

  On the way tourists twist pryung Drums “Khurde” inside of which there are Buddhist mantras foer health and luck.

    Visiting Dugans - Main Temple - Sogchen Dugan, Green Tara Dugan, Maani Dugan, and others. All Dugans differ from each other by their size, architecture, time of construction and purpose.

    Special place is given for the Place of Khambo LamaDashi Dorzho Itigelov. He was born in 1852, was taught in Datsans and was very active in religious life.

In summer in 1927 Khambo Lama Itigelov sit in lotus posture and called his followers. Hi gave his last instruction to visit him in 30 years and went to Nirvana. He was buried  in a cedar barrel.

    After 30 years passed his followers visit his tomb and found out that his body stayed imperishable. In 2002 his body was extracted  and moved to Ivolginskii Datsan. Today Dashi Dorzho Itigelov’s Palace is constructed and everybody has a chance to worship him in time of Buddhist holidays. If you have a need you can ask a special permission for visiting his palace in other time.

Return to the city center or to the hotel.

Price for a person in ₽:

 Number of tourists     15    10     8       6     4       2     1 
     Price  530    700    850     950    1600   1700    4900 
The price includes: Transportation cost Ulan-Ude, Entrance fee, Guide in Datsan

The price does not include: Worship to Khambo Lama Itigelov

For additional payment for a small group of tourists up to 10 persons there is an opportunity to visit place called “Headquarter of  Genghis Khan” with amazing view for Ivolginsk Valley.

Visiting Old Believers

1850 rub

Visiting Old Believers

Places of visit: Tarbagatai village (40 km., 1 hours)
Dates: Any day.
Duration: 5 hours.

                                                    Tour programme
   The day is devoted to the most popular tour to Tarbagatai village (40 km, 1 hour).
Stop at  Omuliovka Mountain and enjoy the view of the River Selenga valley.
Visiting local museum with unique ethnographical documents and exhibits of Old believers and local people.Visiting the Old believers Church.
 Introducing Tarbagatai village, where the Old believers live for 250 years. Their colorful log houses with painted casing give special flavor to the unique village.
Visiting the Old believers courtyard. For lunch, you will try the Old believer’s dishes. Demonstrating a unique polyphonic songs, which regarded as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity and is included in the first list of Unesco in Paris in 2001.
Guests are always attracted by bright sundresses, Lyons scarves and amber beads, which are more than 300 years.
Tourists take part in the ritual of dressing in a bride and a groom.
Departure  to the hotel.

Price for one tourist, ₽: 

  Number of tourists        18     15       10     6    5    4      3      2     1
  Price  1850   2000  
 2400  2950 
 3600   4000 
  4400   5600   9200 

    Tour price includes: guide service, transfers, tickets, lunch (old russian cuisine)

Visas to Russia

700 rub

   How to receive Russian tourist visa

   For receiving Russian tourist visa for 30 days, you need an invitation from the tourist company, which has the reference number.
   The price for making an invitation for a single tourist visa is 1 000 ₽
  The tourist invitation will be ready in a day.
Invitation to Russia includes two separate documents:
  Standard tourist confirmation and Tourist voucher.
Torist confirmation contains the following information:
• Name of the tourist (in Latin language like in passport);
• Date of birth
• Sex
• Citizenship/nationality
• Passport number
• Date of arrival/departure
• Visa type and invitation type
• Visa multiplicity (single, double-entry)
• Purpose of visit
• Rout of visit - cities of visiting
• Information about the host: index and reference number
• Number of invitation
• Tour operator makes stamp and signature of a responsible person

   Tourist voucher
Standard tourist voucher contains the following information: full name, sex, date of birth, passport number, date of arrival/departure, reference number and official name of the tour operator in Russia, full tour prepayment remark, official stamp of the company and a signature of a responsible person.

   For tourists who are planning to visit Russia

1. Before applying for visa, it is necessary to find out in Russian consulate if you need the original invitation or a copy/fax copy is enough. Inform the host about it. Receiving visa in Russian consulate is another step after receiving an invitation from our company. For applying for visa you need the following documents:
• Passport (valid before 6 months of your departure from Russia), some consulates ask for the passport copy
• 3-4 same size photos
• Envelope with your home address (to send you the passport and visa)
• Pay the visa fee
• Fill in the questionnaire
• People of some countries need to receive insurance.
• If you are not a citizen of the country where you apply for visa, they can ask some additional payment.
   Every consulate can make changes and additions to these requirements without previous notification.
  We strongly recommend you to find out the requirements of the consulate where you are going to apply.
   Please don’t forget that most of the consulates work 3 days a week. For making visa in the Russian consulate, you need 2-4 days.
2. Arrival to Russia
   For entering Russia you need to have valid visa in your passport. When you cross the border immigration office will stamp you visa with the date of crossing the border. All the foreigners entering Russia should receive the immigration card.
   Immigration card is a small registration form divided into 2 pieces with the following information: name, date of birth, passport number, citizenship and time of staying in Russia. Both parts should be filled in. The first should be given when you enter the country, the 2nd should be returned when you go out from the country.
3. Visa registration
   According to the Law of Russian Federation, the foreigner should register his visa within 72 Hours (3 days) after crossing the Russian border.
   The Immigration office of the place of your staying in Russia is responsible for foreigners’ registration.
  If a foreigner is not registered appropriately, he will be fined.
  Then the foreigner will be in the black list and will never receive Russian visa again.

   If you travel with tourist visa the hotel where you are staying will make registration for you.
   All the rules about visa registration, entering the country and going out are regulated by the Federal Law about the procedure of entrance and going out from the Russian Federation Governmental resolution “About Immigration Card”.